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Soft Pastels - Hard Pastels

Soft & Hard Pastels

We stock a huge range of individual
soft pastels & hard pastels plus
a range of pastel sets by Unison,
Schmincke & Daler Rowney and more

Daler Oil Pastels

Artists Oil Pastels

Artists quality oil pastels & oil pastel
sets by trusted brands such including
Giotto oil pastels, Daler Rowney oil
pastels & Sennelier oil pastels.

Pastel Pencils

Pastel Pencils

For fine detail add pastel pencils
to your order? You can choose from a
range of quality pastel pencil sets or
pick your own  individual pencil colours.

Artists Pastels Paper

Artists Pastel Paper

Buy quality pastel paper as either
loose sheets or in pad from. We stock only
high quality papers by Canson, Uart,
Fabriano and many, many more.

Pastel Fixatives - Pastel Primers

Pastel Fixative - Pastel Primer

Preparation & finish are key elements
in producing good work. Get it right
with our range of high quality pastel
primers & pastel fixatives.

Soft Pastel Application

Pastel Application & Accessories

Choose from a range of pastel
blenders, applicators and specialist
pastel brushes. Plus we also have
a fantastic range of accessories.

Pastel Painting Tuition DVDS

Pastel Painting Tuition Dvds

Need some help? Get expert tuition
from some of the countries finest
pastel artists in your own home. What
better way to learn how to paint!

Artists Pens & Pencils

Pens, Pencils & Charcoal

Need some good sketching pencils or
charcoal for your initial sketches or
perhaps some artists pens for making
that final drawing. Look no further.

Artists Accessories

Artists Accessories

In our accessories section we have
things like tape, adhesives, colour wheels,
 perspective aids plus much more...Access
through our menu on the left of the page.

Artists Storage Boxes - Art Bags - Art Portfolios

Bags, Boxes & Portfolios

Quality storage bags and specialist
wooden pastel boxes designed for
pastel artists plus a fantastic
range of artists portfolio folders.

Artists Drawing Boards

Artists Drawing Boards

High quality drawing boards at low,
low prices available in a range of sizes
to suit your needs. We even have some
with their own legs.

Artists Easels

Artists Easels

Check out our low prices on our high
 quality range of artists easels including
sketching easels, box easels and
studio easels all at discounted prices. 

Kopykake Art Projectors

Kopykake Art Projectors

The complete range of Kopykake Art
Projectors at the U.K's lowest prices.
What's more we can usually deliver
your projector within 24 hours. 

Artists Daylight Lighting

Artists Lamps & Lighting

Range of quality Daylight artists lamps
& studio lighting designed just for
artists. We also carry spare daylight
 bulbs for each lamp we stock.

Artist Mountboard - Picture Framing Tools

Mounting & Framing

Get your work ready to sell with the help
of our fantastic range of quality mounting
 and picture framing equipment. Everything
you need to add that finishing touch.

Soft Pastels - Hard Pastels

The Pastel is owned and run by The Artists Supplies Co Ltd and we are one of the only online art supplies companies in the U.K to be run and owned exclusively byHard Oil Pastels professional working artists. As artists we use a great many of the products we have on sale ourselves and spend a great deal of time testing new products to make sure that they are of a high enough quality to offer to you our customers because as all us artists know if you use quality materials it will come across in your work.

The whole aim of our company is to provide artists with the very best art materials at the lowest prices possible because we think that every pastel artist (not just the pro's) should be able to afford the best on offer without having to break the bank to do it and we know that you will be pleasantly surprised when you see how much less you pay on our site for your pastels compared to what you would pay in your local art supplies shop.

Postage on orders over £50 is free for U.K customers. For orders under £50.00 we charge a standard fee of £4.95 regardless of what you order or how heavy it is. For customers overseas we base our shipping charge on the total weight of your order so you can be assured that what you pay us is as fair as possible.

As part of our commitment to helping artists improve their abilities we also do not charge postage on any of our pastel tuition dvd titles and that applies for all our customers worldwide.

If you need to contact us to ask about a pastel product or maybe just for some general advice on using pastels or which pastel paper to use etc the best way to do this is to email us at we can answer email where ever we happen to be. We can be contacted by telephone however we don't answer the telephone very often as we are either in the studio or busy teaching students so if you do call and we don't answer please don't take offence.

Oil Pastels - Artists Pastels

Different Types of Pastel

Soft Pastels - Oil PastelsSoft Pastels consist of pure powdered pigment combined with a binder (gum arabic, gum tragacanth or methyl cellulose) which is then rolled or pressed into sticks. OfteArtists Soft - Oil Pastelsn a chalk or gypsum component is also present. Most brands produce various gradations of a colour, the original pigment of which tends to be dark, from pure pigment to near-white by mixing in differing quantities of chalk. The exact composition and characteristics of individual soft pastel sticks depends on the type of pastel and the type and amount of binder used. It also varies by manufacturer so if you like a particular colour it is worth trying a number of different brands until you find a stick that has the properties you require. Soft pastels- the most widely used form of pastel, mainly down to the fact that the sticks have a higher portion of pigment and less binder, resulting in brighter colors. The drawing can be readily smudged and blended, but be aware that this technique results in a higher proportion of dust so remember to work in a well ventilated area. Finished drawings or paintings made with soft pastels require protecting, either by careful framing or by spraying with a fixative to prevent smudging.  Recently, soft pastels have also been launched in a pan format (Pan Pastels) so they can be used like paint which has opened up the medium to even more possibilities.Conte Hard Pastels

Hard pastels: Hard pastel sticks such as those produced by Conte have a higher portion of binder and less pigment, meaning hard pastels produce a sharper line than soft pastels making them useful for fine details. Hard Pastels can be used with other pastels  for drawing outlines and adding accents. One drawback with hard pastels however is that the colours are less brilliant with hard pastels than with soft pastels

Pastel pencils: These are essentially the same as any other coloured artists pencil with the main difference being that the lead is replaced with a pastel lead. Artists Pastel pencils are particularly useful for adding fine details to a picture such as rigging in a maritime picture or fur in an animal portrait when a hard pastel will not suffice.

Daler Oil PastelsOil pastels: Oil pastel (a.k.a wax oil crayon) is a medium with characteristics similar to wax crayons. Unlike "soft" or "French" pastel sticks, which are made with a gum or methyl cellulose binder, oil pastels consist of pigment mixed with a non-drying oil and wax binder.Pastel Pencils - Hard Pastels

Oil pastels have a soft, buttery consistency and provide intense colours. Oil pastels are also slightly more difficult to blend than soft pastels, however  oil pastels don't require fixative. We stock a range of quality individual oil pastels and oil pastel sets.

Water-soluble pastels: These are similar to soft pastels, but contain a water-soluble component, such as glycol. This allows the colors to be thinned out using a water wash.


We stock a wide selection of pastels for artists as well as a fantastic selection of quality pastel papers/pastel surfaces giving you the best chance of producing pastel paintings you can be proud of.

Quality Pastel Painting Tuition from Professional Pastel Artists

So you have now bought your pastels and got yourself some decent paper to work on - whats next? It can be very hard pastel painting if you don't have a few basic techniques to help you get started. Maybe you thought about taking a course or a workshop and then realised just how expensive it was going to be. Well, fear not help is at hand. How would you feel if you could get expert tuition to fit in with your own schedule, in the comfort of your own home from a professional artist of your choice and all at the cost of a night out? "Sounds great!" I hear you cry. Well that is exactly what you can get with the help of our huge range of pastel tuition dvds.

We stock a fantastic range of titles tailored to helping artists at all stages of their artistic journey whether they be amateur, hobby artists or fully fledged professionals. The dvds we stock are produced by a select few companies who have been producing quality art tuition dvd titles with the help of some of the worlds top professional artists for many years. Click here for Pastel Tuition DVDS

As part of our commitment to helping artists improve their abilities we do not charge shipping on any of our dvd titles. So regardless of whether you live here in the U.K or across the other side of the world - shipping will on any dvd title will not cost you a penny.

Discounted Art Tuition DVDSArt Tuition

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